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Rank Forum Member alt textalt text
Political Stance Normie, Drama Queen
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With FOTEPX
Rivals With G.K. & Badnik96
Grudges With HurricaneAndrew & Noodle
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 10/100
Respect Rating Rating 2.gif 25/100
Has gotten three weeks of bans overall due to causing drama and swearing.
Memorable Quote
-"Gonna try new stage in RBR."

Jonzu95 joined Gametechmods in May 2009, lives Finland and started playing Robot Arena since December 2008. Tends to be rather easy to provoke into flaming, but contributes to many areas of the forum, as a decent tournament host and forum game host.

Jonzu has successfully hosted CombatAnts 1, a Stock AW tournament. CombatAnts 2 (DSL) was recently completed, with Redline winning both tournaments. Lately hosted Metal Mayhem Series 1, a Stock MW tournament. Finished 4th Tournament, Micro Mayhem Reincarnated in Spring 2011, and Robot Wars Series 8 in Fall 2012.

Jonzu is a decent builder in both Stock and DSL.

Has competed in the following competions:

Tournament Entries

Tournament Bot Position Notes
N00B Warz 2 Radiation II 17th Place. Jonzu's first tournament bot & Clickbeetle's Favourite entry. Heavyweight VS
Rust In Pieces BioShock 8th Place. Middleweight HS with 2 Blades.
CombatAnts Black Hole's Revenge 3rd Place. Generic Antweight Rammer with 2 Razors
RAW 2 Exterminatus 17th Place. Teamed up with Somestrangeguy. Middleweight Popup
Clash Cubes 3 Revenge of Dawn 11th Place. Flimsy Middleweight VS
Wheely Tag Tournament Doomsday Unofficial Winner with lloopp D lloopp. Didn't compete in the official tournament, beat the Champions. Lightweight VS with 2 Sawblades. Missile Test has the exact same Chassis.
Wild Robots Live 2 Exterminatus 5 10th Place. 5th bot of the Exterminatus Series, was very unlucky against Fury. Middleweight Popup
Amazing Rage PlasmaBox 3rd Place. Generic Lightweight with HS, VS and Rammer options.
CombatAnts 2 Xenomorph 10th Place. Antweight HS
Tag Team Tornado Lemon Saw 9th Place. Competed with Powerrave. Middleweight VS with 4 Sawblades. Inspired by Doomsday.
Back to the Beginnings EoBSS X 13th Place. 35 mace HS. (Forgot to add the last mace.) Heavyweight HS which Failed really badly.
Xtreemer Than You Xenomorph King 9th Place. Xenomorph's Big Brother, Featherweight with 2 HS Blades
BBEANS 6 Missile Test 7th Place. Built from Doomsday's Chassis. One of the best Rookies of the tournament. Lightweight Popup
Back to the Beginnings 2 Hurricane (Jonzu) 18th Place. Robot Arena 2 version of Jonzu's RW AoD bot. Heavyweight SnS.
Metal Mayhem O-Zone 2 2nd Place. Middleweight VS with 2 Snowplows as wedges
Replica Wars 2 Hvispilä 5th Place. Hvispilä is the most Destructive finnish fleaweight bot ever. Replica was Lightweight Drumbot.
Micro Mayhem Reincarnated The Last Crusade 3rd Place. Robot was built 1 day before Jonzu's 9th (last) grade started. Generic Beetleweight HS.
Clash Cubes 4 Dark Fusion 53rd Place. Jonzu was going to enter with Shockwave 2, but it began to consistently havok and Jonzu replaced it. Also Jonzu's worst result ever.
Replica Wars 3 Peruna 5th Place. Based on Jonzu's favourite Finnish robot. Middleweight HS.
RoboLeague Spiral Gate 1 + 4 + 2 = 7 Points, did not qualify to top 12. Generic Middleweight HS.
Robotic International Wars Missile Test 2 3rd Place. Second version of the Missile Test. Faster & Stronger Lightweight Popup.
Robotic International Wars 2 Virtuoso 5th Place. Middleweight VS, with 6 Large beaters & 6 small teeth.
B4ttlebots Final Moment 9th Place. Lightweight with a VS Blade.
Noob Warz 4 Radiation II 9th Place. Jonzu's second bot, Remade. Heavyweight VS.
Blades of Fury 2 The Nordic Nightmare II 21st Place. Named by Jonzu's favorite boxer, Robert Helenius. Middleweight Flipper.
BroBots Anti & Virus 5th Place. Anti is a Lightweight SnS, while Virus is a Lightweight VS.
Robotic International Wars 3 Radiation VIII 9th Place. Radiation's 8th version. Another Heavyweight VS, as usual.
Robot Wars Series 8 Rainbow Dash 5th Place. IRL Designed Middleweight Flipperbot, which threw all it's 4 opponents OOTA in it's own heat.
See No Evil Kryptonite N/A Tournament Cancelled
Robo Zone 2 Firework 8th Place. Jonzu's very first Stock Antweight HS.
Tusslers Spiral Gate III 4th Place. Due to Jonzu's hard-drive failure, and losing all bots, Spiral Gate III is Rebuilt Spiral Gate II. Middleweight HS.
Tusslers 2 Cutie 12th Place. Uncommon Heavyweight with 2 Horizontal "Drums"
All Round Bot Builder Championship TeslaSpark, Illusion, Flash, Exterminatus 7, Cutie 13th Place. Didn't compete very well. Nothing Special about these bots.
Battlebots 6 Heat Seeker, Rockstar Evo 1 9th Place & 17th Place. Lightweight and Middleweight Vertical Spinners. Another bad tournament result.
Robot Wars Series 8 DSL Edition Lombax 9th Place Jonzu's First Robot in 2014. IRL Cruiserweight HS, based on his Fursona's Species.
Beetleweight Bash Stygium 13th Place Jonzu's First Robot in 2015. Beetleweight Angled HS. Named after a rare crystal in Star Wars.
Crapcan Derby Exterminatus Reborn 3rd Place Jonzu's First Robot in 2016. Final Version of the Exterminatus Series.