'Eavy Metal Boi

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'Eavy Metal Boi
Builder: bloxace14
Weight class: Heavyweight
Weapon: 28 Iron Spikes
Weapon power: Drive
Drive: 4 HP Z-Tek's
Armor: DSA
Awards: None
Tournament wins: None
Tournament Losses: Battle 1: Loses to Chernobyl 3-0, Battle 2: Loses to Mace in da face 3-0
Trivia: Its "weird turning" can be attributed to the wiring being inconsistent; the front right wheel was programmed to turn only counter-clockwise in instances calling for the robot to turn.

'Eavy Metal Boi is a heavyweight Rammer built by bloxace14 for BBEANS 5. bloxace14 is currently ranked 112th in BBEANS Standings with -Xile-, andrewm0304, Armadillo, Aslyn, Bubbleman, Darok, Fox Trout, incredirobotwars, IngvardM, Jeffery, John4sson, JS, k1robot, KirsK, Little lost bot, razer, Rudukai13, shadow54, Siphai, skywalkar, Sol Vector, Sparkey98, TeamXtreemer, timothy700, Wingate, and zipperrulez.

What Clickbeetle listed as Strengths and Weaknesses are:

Strength: Durable

Weakness: Weird turning