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Rank Super Heavyweight
Political Stance ex-n00b, Spammer
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Unknown
Grudges With Viper89, Sparkey98, FOTEPX
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 5/100
Respect Rating Rating 1.gif 5/100
Teamxtreemer prefers AWs And BWs.
Memorable Quote
"Coo'." "stop being a cock" "I'll kill you all"

TeamXtreemer (also known as TX or Xtreemer), used to be a n00b on the forums and keen on entering competitions, he is most notably known for his tournaments, Xtreme BW and Xtreemer Than You, both of which have ended in disasters; Xtreme BW stretched, changed and threw rules out the window causing nonstop confusion and chaos; Xtreemer Than You on the other hand was seemingly going fine until it was prematurely ended when TX deleted the brackets and posted "I deleted all the videos but I won".

In the end of January 2010, he was banned 10 days for flaming and spamming. He returned, and visibly did not improve. Claimed to leave a few days afterward, to come return the next day. Also was banned in February for 2 weeks but his ban was lifted 2 days early. He has somewhat improved in his attitude. He Was Also Infamous For Making Each Word Start With A Capital, For No Apparent Reason Whatsoever.

He was banned for two months after making a third leaving thread, which ended up turning into a massive joke of spam and trolling.

Later, TX was banned AGAIN for three months for being stupid, and hacking accounts after a whole bunch of drama.

After a vandalizing session on the wiki, he was banned for 3 months. After this banning, he seem to have not matured, And No Longer Capitalizes Every Word In His Sentences.

As of February 18th, 2013 (Robot Arena 2's tenth birthday) he has been banned from Gametechmods for six months after inciting a flame war in the chatterbox.