Bane II

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Bane II
Builder: Urjak
Weight class: Lightweight
Weapon: 6 Razors
Weapon power: Drive
Drive: 2 NPC-T64s
Armor: 1 MM Titanium
Trivia: Bane II is probably the first of it's kind - LW flail shell SnS.

Bane II is a LW Flail Shell SnS from the Twisters team in NAR AI and is probably NAR AI's best LW SnS. The razors are on flails so they scrape against the opponent instead of directly hitting them, making them deal more damage and last longer at the same time. However like all SnSes, it can still be KO'ed by a speedy gut-ripper.

Strengths: Very powerful

Weaknesses: Unable to self-right