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Rigadoon Pic 1.png

Rigadoon Pic 2.png

Builder: Barbie
Weight class: Lightweight
Weapon: 6 Razor Tips
Weapon power: 2 Z-Teks
Drive: 2WD Reversible Angle Motors
Armor: Plastic
Awards: BBEANS 3 Rumble Participant, BBEANS 3 Rumble Winner
Tournament wins: Battle 1: Bye, Battle 3: Beats Ding Dong Armadillo (3 KOs), Battle 4: Beats Box of Grime 3-0 (2 KOs, 1 TKO), Battle 5: Beats Panic 3-0 (3 KOs), Battle 6: Beats FIXXXER 2-1 (2 KOs)
Tournament Losses: Battle 2: Loses to Child's Play IV 2-1 (1 KO), Battle 7: Loses to Volatile Partisan 3-0 (Nothing)
Trivia: Rigadoon's spinners spin outwards.

Rigadoon was a Lightweight HS built by Barbie for BBEANS 3. Barbie competed in the first 4 BBEANS tournaments, entering BBEANS 1 with Gravity Well, BBEANS 2 with Gravity DSL, and BBEANS 4 with Go Barbie, Go!. Rigadoon got an unlucky matchup against future champion Child's Play IV. Its luck turned around though, with fights against Ding Dong Armadillo, Box of Grime, Panic, and FIXXXER. These fights went quickly, with Rigadoon outweaponing each opponent. Rigadoon's outward spinning tribars let these robots flank it, creating a bit of action, but the matches were mostly one-sided, with Rigadoon de-weaponing and dismantling its opponents. Volatile Partisan was a quick change of pace from the easier matches, putting a quick end to Rigadoon's hopes of a BBEANS 3 championship. Barbie is ranked 21st in BBEANS standings.

What Clickbeetle listed as Strengths and Weaknesses are:

Strengths: Powerful and pushy

Weakness Not invertible