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Rank Tournament Moderator
Political Stance Former IRL Tournament Overlord
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With dragonsteincole, Thyrus, Probably Rob, cephalopod, and a lot of other dudes.
Grudges With playzooki, Mr. AS
Fear Rating Rating 2.gif 30/100
Respect Rating Rating 2.gif 35/100
Was originally called DemonOfTomorrow before changing name entirely later on.

doot is a member of the GTM forums, mainly inactive as of the end of 2018, though rarely appearing from time to time.

Despite a short temper that has caused problems, doot's main calling was in IRL tournament hosting, where there has been 4 successful tournaments hosted to his name, with Death Battle, RoboGauntlet, Annihilation Nation and RoboGames. A fifth tournament, RoboGames: Series 2 was intended to run, but was eventually cancelled for good after major issues occurred. This unfortunately marked the start of doot's major inactivity in the forums.

On January the 13th, 2018, doot became a Mega Host, but this title has since been removed.

On April the 16th, 2018, doot got the rank of Tournament Moderator.

As of December, doot is also an Advanced User, though the exact date of it occurring is unknown.

Robot Building Skills:

The overall building capabilities of doot has been good, but new builds are very few and far between now. doot only ever builds in DSL-IRL, and even then has only done so very rarely recently.

Tournaments Hosted:

Death Battle: The first tournament had 16 Heavyweight robots battling in a double elimination format in the RA2T#2 Tournament Arena. The tournament was won by dragonsteincole, with CarboniZe.

RoboGauntlet: In this second tournament, 27 Cruiserweight robots battled in a format similar to that of Robotica where 6 heats of 4 robots each had to score points in 4 different rounds before fighting in a final duel. dragonsteincole managed to win this tournament as well, this time with Queen Lance-A-Frog.

Annihilation Nation: This 35-robot middleweight tournament featured a format where all the robots had to fight each other in 4-way melees with a loser bracket in order to win. In the end, 090901 won the main tournament with IWTFRC.

RoboGames: Still the largest tournament in GTM due to RGS2's failure, RoboGames has 223 robots from 42 different builders fighting in 7 weightclasses. The tournament goes back to the basics with a double elimination bracket in every weightclass, where 25 to 39 robots battle it out in every division to become champions.

The tournament is now completed, with the champions of each division being as follows:

Antweight Micro Mermaid (Doodle2411)

Beetleweight Nuclear Winter Junior (Badnik96)

Lightweight Black Harpy 2 (Virus Bomb)

Middleweight Vulkan Class M (KillerTurtleG)

Cruiserweight inVasion (dragonsteincole)

Heavyweight Steel Raptor 3 (Virus Bomb again)

Superheavyweight Spicy Meatball (Mr. AS)

RoboGames: Series 2: Bigger and even better than before, RoboGames Series 2 features the same 7 weightclasses, but with 57 different builders creating an overall total of 310 robots. The tournament was currently in the SBV phase, with 36 to 51 robots in each weightclass fighting in a double elimination bracket like before. Unfortunately, due to constant behind-the-scenes issues thanks to IRL life and broken hardware, the tournament was eventually cancelled for good, though unofficially to begin with. Recently, however, the tournament is set to get revived through the efforts of other tournament hosters.

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