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Blah Pic 2.jpg

Builder: pyscolone
Weight class: Heavyweight
Weapon: 4 DSL Hammer 4s on a 240cm bar
Weapon power: Dual Perm
Drive: 2 NPC-T64 Fast motors
Armor: 1mm Plastic
Awards: None
Tournament wins: Battle 1: Beats Daisy Might 3-0
Tournament Losses: Battle 2: Loses to Mako 4 3-0, Battle 3: Loses to obZen 3-0
Trivia: Blah's spinner takes a full 8 seconds to spin up to speed.

Blah was a Heavyweight HS built by pyscolone, and used for RAW 1. Blah took advantage of Daisy Might's problems with its disc, and knocked it off three times, which all led to Daisy Might being counted out. Then, Mako 4 and obZen took advantage of Blah's unprotected underside. Because Blah is so unstable, it flips onto its back easily, and is destroyed three times in a row by both Mako 4 and obZen.

Pyscolone probably entered Blah just for entering, because he called it "a horrible bot with no stability".