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Torque Reaction Full Body Drums, or TRFBDs, are full body vertical spinners usually only seen in DSL standard.

They utilize the lack of grip on large DSL discs to cause the bots chassis to rotate whilst the bot moves forward similtaneously. This allows the chassis to stay a large distance from the ground without the quite vulnerable extender work of Flying Guillotines. Usually the weapons on a TRFBD are mounted on flails since they tend to be slower than most spinners and have to change direction often, so fixed weapons would not deal very much damage.

Very high ADC and near invulnerable vs a lot of wedge-based bot types.

They were largely pioneered by Madman3 (who developed the concept initially) and 123savethewhales (who built the first effective ones, which were soon included as their own team in 123STW AI).

Example - Fleshgod by Madman3[1]

Building a TRFBD

TRFBDs have a very small chassis normally which contains the control panel and batteries. Connected to this are normally small DSL discs which can then have flail weapons mounted on them or often armour, such as more discs or shell spinner plates. On the other face of the discs mounted to the chassic (usually via multiconnectors) are then long extenders such as DSL bars, and then a symmetrical motor which a large DSL disc is attached to, serving as the drive of the bot.

Generally TRFBDs don't require fast drive trains, but good motors of choice for driving them are Dual Mags and E-Teks on HWs, and Piglets on LWs and MWs. Razors tend to work best as weapons, mounted on flails. The chassis can have very light armour since it is almost impossible to touch in most weight categories.

TRFBD Matchups

TRFBDs are strong against most bot types. They are near impossible for Gutrippers, Rammers, Whammers, Hammers, Pokers, and Pushers to defeat, tend to de-weapon most Vertical Spinners (although Cash Cow style VS with lots of piercing weapons tend to perform well vs TRFBDs), have a more or less even match-up with Shell Spinners because it can remove their discs easily, and performs averagely against Horizontal Spinners. They perform quite badly against SnS, which are normally wide enough to easily remove their wide drive train.


-Very difficult to inflict chassis damage against

-Physically out of reach for most gutrippers

-Very high damage output and is good at attacking the top of bots, an area normally left unarmoured

-Drive train is almost invulnerable to thinner bot types (most non-spinners)

-Direct counter to Popups, the most dominant bot type overall


-Very few good options vs Sns

-Discs vulnerable to spinners

-Easily flipped and very slow

-Drive train is usually too heavy for LWs and lighter bot types