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NeonCalypso is a user who joined in 2/17/17, although hes regulary a DSL Builder, he does build stock and Ironforge rarely.

Tournament History Ceylon- First entry at Rob Collin's Hostile Circus, managed to do well

Solaris- Refined Ceylon for Guldenflame's Light Vs Dark, went 2-0 (not including rumbles, grudge matches, etc)

Nuzlocke Veteran- Entered into TGM's robot wars, I started practicing AI because of the incident with Not PP3D

Messiah- For Badnik's The Mafia, lost to Jamieds popup

Bull Ride- Badger's tournament entry, did decently

Bismuth- Rammer for Guildenflames Forest Fire, won the tournament in the process

FrogCatastro- Flipper for Shield's I fought the law, got very lucky, creating some controversy in the process.

Cyanide- First attempt in Ironforge for RedAce's Tournament, did decently

Poseidon Wrath 3, Dwayne, Mini Ceylon, Astronomy Evo, Prince Duck, School's Out Completely and Solaris Omega- All of them for Demonoftomorrow's Robogames, some of them were unlucky while some of them are doing well in the losers bracket

RustyBucket- First attempt at stacking batteries for Revolution 2, went 1st place on 1st round seeding.

Bulldog with special needs- An unrealistic robot that competed in Asbestosstar's Evento Uno. As of 10/17/17, the bot is currently one of the last 8 bots left.