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what is ai who is acams

A now well known prank pulled by Reier, starting in July 2009 and ending in December.

Reier made another account as the user called Mrhalitosis, and proceded to make a showcase. MrH acted like a n00b and posted terrible bots, and was flamed. He even made a tournament thread called the "BOOM TOURNEY" which was shut down almost instantly, with even more flaming. Reier had his fun as MrH for a few months, returning and dissapearing and posting awful robots from time to time. This went on untill Clickbeetle used his admin abilities to check if any IP adresses matched MrH, and Reier was exposed. Most people thought it was terribly funny that a well respected member acted like a n00b, but some didn't. The MrH account was deleted, and the showcase locked, but people still remember the prank, usually in good light. CB said for no one to do the same joke again though.

Mrhalitosis' Showcase

Halitosis returned to GTM on April Fools Day 2010, after G.K. accidentaly prompted Reier while chatting to him. The thread was deleted by ACAMS a matter of minutes after being posted.