Insult to Injury V

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Insult to Injury V


Builder: Alterer of Reality
Weight class: Heavyweight
Weapon: 8 Spiked Clubs on two discs
Weapon power: 2 HP-Zteks
Drive: 2 HP-Zteks
Armor: DSA
Awards: Best Rookie
Tournament wins: Battle 1: Beats The Baby Warrior 3-0, Battle 3: Beats Cardiac Arrest 3-0, Battle 4: Beats Mace in da face 2-1, Battle 5: Beats PitA 8 2-1
Tournament Losses: Battle 2: Loses to Bounty Hunter 3-0, Battle 6: Loses to Trojan Horse 2-1
Trivia: ItI had a flame skin that for some reason was screwed up to the lines seen on the bot

Insult to Injury V is a heavyweight VS built by Alterer of Reality, and entered into BBEANS 5. This was Alterer of Reality's first attempt at BBEANS, also entering BBEANS 6 with Come Get Some!.

It was immediately hailed as one of the SFTW's of the tournament, with no armor, slow drive, bad weapon choice, no wedges, and angle connectors. In fact it was much more of a threat than previously thought and surprised nearly everyone. It first destroyed The Baby Warrior, a hammer/rammer hybrid, another SFTW, and won. Then it lost to Pyscolone's caster armored Popup, Bounty Hunter.

In the loser's bracket, ItI then started its amazing run when it first won against Reier's Rammer Cardiac Arrest, then against Venko's 36-mace HS, Mace in da face, and finally against the second caster armored popup of the tournament, Naryar's PitA 8. Its run was ended by Pwnator's popup, Trojan Horse (but not without a KO, though). Alterer of Reality is ranked 44th in BBEANS standings.

What Clickbeetle listed as Strength and Weakness are:

Strength: Powerful weapon

Weakness: Fragile