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Rank Administrator
Political Stance ISIS Sleeper Agent posted in Sweden
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With All
Grudges With None
Fear Rating Rating 4.gif 75/100
Respect Rating Rating 4.gif 68/100
Is at least Bilingual, being able to communicate in Mandarin

Apanx is one of the oldest and most respected RA2 modders, already working on RA2 when Gametechmods was created, that is 4 years. The first to demonstrate BFE in public. He has done a lot of tweaks, like the FBS AI (not to be mistaken for Madiaba's FBS_1 and Clickbeetle's FBS_2), that actually allows a SnS to move while spinning (spinning speed is reduced though), which he got praise for; or a massive Battleship that is roughly as long as the DSL Tournament Arena's box and very detailed.

Also has done a few tutorials, some of them are on the Gametechmods Tutorials page.

Was made an Admin of the Gametechmods forum on 17th September, fixing the RA2Wiki while doing so.

Notable Achievements

  • BFE - First showcased in the thread OMG in the old RA2 forum
  • Battleship
  • FBS.py - resulting in an entire class of robots being banned from tournaments.
  • MEGA john - Largest robot since 2016
  • SuperDuperMegaUltra.py - AI that deletes everything in your hard drive
  • ThisIsBullshit - BBEAMS 7 "Winner"
  • OBJ2RA2 - Converts .obj 3D-model to RA2 Bot