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Rank Super Heavyweight
Political Stance Normie, Replica Master
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Parsec Support Team.
Grudges With TOS
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif -705/100
Respect Rating Rating 1.gif -705/100
The only Croatian member of GTM.

Kix joined May 14, 2016 originally under the name kix mrox. Received a poor reputation for not paying attention to normal GTM standards and general noob-ish behaviour.

Despite his immaturity, is well-known as an up-and-coming replica master (even regarded as such by Thyrus), and his DSL building has improved.

Notably entered GTM Robot Wars with Duke, and renamed himself from kix mrox to TGM in late 2016. He later renamed himself to Tails Inc. Community changed his name back to Kix.

He knows how to build OBJ bots

He was running the tournament TheGamer's Robot Wars which is currently in SBV. It has been finished.

Was running fine until Heat B, when due to time constraints and demand, TGM rushed it out in a notably unpolished state and attracted a good amount of controversy due to Jamied666's Not PP3D and NeonCalypso's Nuzlocke Veteran being AI'ed incorrectly. He proceeded to spoil a Heat B match (Botomatic1000's Salamandra Evolution vs. Baconus_Yum's Executioner) on the GTM Discord by mistake.

Kix has improved in later years, even becoming an AU for some reason. He was also funniest member in 2018.

As of recently he stopped building bots in RA2 and moved to RR2 and helping devs improve the game alongside other members like KupaTec, CodeSilverGaming, CyarSkirata, etc.


He builds only on DSL. Some noticable bots are:



The Outsider


Literally most of them are useless and unknown lmfao