Weaponed Flipper

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A Weaponed Flipper is a subtype of Flipper. Unlike other flippers, a weaponed one uses weapons on burst motors to help gain points if a match is decided by points. They both share the same goal to lift the opponent up and OOTA however. These are easy to confuse with Popups, since they both use weapons on bursts. The only difference between a popup and a weaponed flipper is while popups have their weaponry protected behind their chassis and other external defenses, a weaponed flipper has its weaponry exposed for bots to grind against or attack, and while popups are mainly made to KO the opponent, weaponed flippers mainly win by OOTA.

Examples of weaponed flippers are Dementia from Stock AI and Tentacle Attack from the Starcore AI packs


  • More damage than flippers
  • Can take away all the drivetrain and mobility of a bot
  • Can flip a bot out of the arena


  • Poor damage compared to standard bot types
  • Weapons tend to be pretty fragile compared to flipper arms
  • May be less powerful than flippers