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A Wammer is a Wedge that uses static weapons either on the wedge itself, or on top of the wedge. One may also build a wedge shaped front out of components/weapons. The goal of the bot is to force opponents on the wedges, and in the weapons, where the weapons slowly deal damage. Notable Wammers are Devil II and Devil III, Psyco Sweeper, Event Horizon 2, Agony and Cold Front.

Note that a standard rammer (with a non-angled weapon array) with a component wedge added is NOT a wammer. To be a wammer, you have to use both a wedge-shaped front and weapons either on it, forming it, or on top of it.

Most often slower than rammers, they are also MUCH more common in DSL than in Stock.

The term itself was created by Clickbeetle (with Cold Front).



  • Fast
  • Good opponent control ability
  • Simple design, efficient weightwise
  • Good frontal defense
  • Lots of weapon weight


  • Poor offensive power
  • Dependant on wedge quality
  • Unlike a rammer, cannot back-and-forth to increase damage without risk of losing the wedge war
  • Poor in rumbles due to low KO power
  • Unreliable invertibility, and much less effective when inverted