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Real life examples: Nightmare, Backlash, 259, Demon

Game examples: Ripblade, Ninja, BOT-204.

A kind of robot with one or more vertically spinning weapons.

VS (Vertical Spinners) tend to be unstable, and can easily be knocked off balance. The pros of VSs are they do pretty decent damage, and can fling robots in the air, something HSs (Horizontal spinners) cannot usually do.

Also have a high ADC.

Building a Vertical Spinner

If you are building a VS, you will probably want to focus most of your weight to your weapon, and make sure the bot has enough support. You could use snowplows at the sides or your bot - becuse most VS have issues turning while spinning their weapon.

Be very careful about weight distribution on a VS. That is, try to make your bot as symmetrical as possible, and always keep the spinning weapon balanced in all ways, or it will wobble and possibly cause a variant of a Mauler Dance.

VS Designs

Angled design

Yes, it is possible to achieve an angled design. If one were to look for inspiration, a look at Alien Queen in the Starcore AI packs would help.

Angled designs do not need wedges and the chassis isn't easy to hit, nor the weapon motors. They have somewhat less issues turning because they have a wide stance.

The main issue is the frontal wheels... these are candy to a HS and if one gets ripped, you'll be unable to move in a controlled way, and your spinner may stop.

Wedged Design

It is also a good idea to have a nicely built wedge so you can get under your opponents and hit their vulnerable underside. This tends to be the better tactic for a VS.

The wedged design comes with a wedgelike chassis. Add small wedges on a burst motor for getting under your opponent, and add spinners to the top of your wedge.

VS Weaponry

It depends of your tastes. Use a HP Z-tek for weapon, even on LWs.

Disc VS

Disc VS, as their name implies, do feature a disc on a motor and ideally four weapons.

Use irons if you can, or razors, but your disc won't last long then. Don't use blades like on Ripblade.

Disc spinners aren't very damaging, but they reach quickly maximum rotational speed (AKA "have a short spin-up time"), hit often and are very hard to stop.

Tribar VS

Uses pretty much the same weapon design as a good horizontal spinner, only vertically mounted. Use a tribar on your weapon motor, and add one (or several) weapons on each of the three APs. Your weapon will be tall, however. You will get fewer hits, but more damage and more knockback effect because the weapon tip carries more kinetic energy. The tribar design can be easily stopped and has a longer spin-up time than the disc design.

Bar VS

Bar VS's are rarely built in stock. They tend to be built in DSL instead.

A bar VS uses extenders instead of a disc/Tribar in which the builder attaches weapons directly to the extenders. This kind of VS is recommended if you want to try and build a BW VS or are really pushing the weight limits on a LW.

It is a whole different story though when it comes to DSL. This time a bar VS uses a DSL bar with weapons at the end of it (usually hammers). These kinds of bots can be extremely deadly if built well (see Mako).


  • High damage
  • Punting and OOTA potential for large spinners
  • Gut-ripping potential for small spinners
  • Often able to self-right


  • Tends to be fragile
  • One of the less stable bot types, especially when losing weapons
  • Vulnerable to spikeball mode and eventually OOTA'ing themselves, if powerful enough
  • Wedge (if there is one) becomes useless after the first weapon is lost

Also see Sawbot and Drum