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Rank Veteran
Political Stance Informationalist, Innovationalist
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Naryar, Madiaba, Trovaner, Gigafrost and others
Grudges With Pyscolone
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 15/100
Respect Rating Rating 2.gif 40/100

Venko is an (in)famous Bulgarian forum member that has been the center of controversy quite often.

During the few months after his arrival, he learned quickly and was one of the most active bot builders on the Gametechmods forums, before his departure near the middle of September 2008. He claims he can build any type of bot, but he likes to build ultra powerful SuperHeavyWeights or freak bots just for fun, that is why he claims he is a "bot artist". He is the only Bulgarian on the forum.

He is very good at glitches and excellent in stacking, which has caused some members to accuse him of cheating (notably AAM) , but he made a video as a proof against this accusation and it was eventually accepted as valid stacking.

His showcase has been often prone to flame wars, mostly because quite a bit of members on GTM find him arrogant.

Venko is one of the few builders that don't build in DSL, although lately he did express interest in building in DSL.

Venko tried to decompile the RA2 .EXE back to C++[Assembler] so that someone that can program in C++[Assembler] could edit it, potentially changing the game's deepest features, but he did not succeed and it seems impossible to edit the .exe. With this, his dreams of a .GIF chassis paintjob (animated paintjob) or a .TGA chassis paintjob (transparent paintjob) disappeared too.

He finished his .TGA Alpha Channel Tutorial that aims to help others edit or create all the .TGA (transparent) decals, component skins, UIs, and arena skins for RA2. He is also contributing (bots, skins, UI's) to some of the many AI packs being created on the gametechmods forums, most of which have not been released yet.

Also entered Mace in da face (36-mace HS) in BBEANS5 and Anti-pacman (6-mace HS) in Robo Zone.

He returned in February 2013 and stayed for a few months before leaving, most likely because of controversy and people criticizing him. However, he did not release all his bots as he promised he would, most likely due to a controversy involving opposition to DSL in a thread by Gauche Suede, particularly his views on IRL DSL.

Overall, Venko is doubtlessly a very skilled Stock builder but very controversial due to how he acts on the forum.

Notable Bots:

SHW-The Infinite, Venko's first SHW bot, though technically a GHW:

HW- Mace in da face ][