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Rank Forum Member
Political Stance Forum Overachiever
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With SAO Girls
Grudges With DSL-S Builders
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 13/100
Respect Rating Rating 2.gif 32/100
Memorable Quote
"wtf s_m"

"that is not my job"


Geice is a 14 year old, 5 foot 5, 100 pound azn. He may also know some Jackie Chan moves, so knocking his teeth out may not be that easy.

Bot Building


Geice builds woke shit.


Doesn't build DSL since it's shit.


So gay that it only taps itself.

Tournament Entries/Notable Robots

L3ak-MW True Popup entered in Box of Nightmares. it lost

Storm Shock-MW SNS entered in RoboLeauge. Ended up winning the tournament because what is wide bot.

Storm Shock 1-Same thing as Storm Shock. Got to the finals of crapcan derby because people still can't wide bot even after 5 years. also fuck chasetime