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UndeaD Pic 2.jpg

Builder: Scrap Daddy
Weight class: Lightweight
Weapon: 2 razor tips on a popup arm
Weapon power: 1 DDT Burst Motor
Drive: 2WD Z-Tek Motors
Armor: DSA
Awards: Robo Zone 1 Champion, 4th place in Top 4 Battle Royal, Survival Champion
Event Results: 2 on 1: 3rd place, Beat the Box: 3rd place, Tilt: 2nd Place, Survival: 1st place
Trivia: UndeaD was the only popup in Robo Zone.

UndeaD was a Lightweight popup built by Scrap Daddy for Robo Zone 1. UndeaD was different from other entries, because most people built a HS because of the two bots in the 2 on 1. UndeaD dominated all challenges, and then was quickly destroyed in the Battle Royal by Spin Cycle 2. Undead finished 1st in Robo Zone with 31 points.

What Ianh05 listed in the Splash is:

Strengths: Powerful Weapon

Weakness Exposed Front

Prediction A good popup, should fair well in challenges such as Beat the Box. Might be a Top 4 finish.