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Not to be confused with the Starcore AI bot

A troll is, by definition, a person in an online community that tends to find pleasure by getting a reaction from other members by annoying them (trolling), sometimes sparking a flame war. A troll post is characterized by the following attributes:

  • Provoking comment
  • Insults
  • Plain annoyance

The best way to combat trolls is to "not feed them", that is not respond to their posts.

Kids on GTM tend to label everyone they find annoying as trolls, ignoring the definition. Often you will find two n00bs calling each other trolls, a person bringing drama by calling everyone they disagree with "trolls", leaving and expecting other members to ask for them to stay (as a matter of fact, this too can be considered trolling!), or even n00bs attacking veterans and calling them trolls for being mature and winning arguments.

While some trolls are disliked, some are rather beloved.

This word has since been deprecated and isn't used as often as it was in the past.