Trinity Glitch

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The Trinity Glitch is a glitch discovered by Mad Scientist, named after his bot Project Trinity, the first Trinity HS.

It basically comes from the fact that rapidly spinning pistons has their axes flying out of the piston's body.

Trinity Glitch isn't often used, but applies mostly to thwackers and horizontal spinners, but can be used for hammers too.

Use a piston rather than a extender for weapon boom on a thwacker. Use the longest- they're the same weight and do work better. Then attach a weapon, or better, a rack of weapons, to the spinners.

Trinity thwackers with one piston are great, but double trinity thwackers (that is, a thwack with a rear piston and a front piston) are nearly uncontrollable, because once launched you can stop spinning only by losing one of your pistons. If not, then you will spin at great speed an do heavy damage, but you won't be able to stop or to move in a controlled way.

Trinity HS's are done by adding a piston on each end of the spinner (that is, three pistons attached directly to your spinning tribar, disc or anything else and weapons on the piston).

Launch your spinner (or sit and spin fast enough to get the glitch to work), then fire the pistons. You don't need CO2 for the trinity glitch to work. The pistons's axles will fly out of their range and you will get a greatly increased spinner range and a faster spin speed, and do more damage. On thwackers, that works fine - you will control your bot, but on HS's, you will get issues with control. Or have some air time. By the way, if you angle the pistons downwards, you'll get a flying bot, helicopter-like.

Trinity glitch on hammers is basically swapping the extender on the burst motor that supports your hammer head with another piston. Fire the piston when you fire the hammer (make one control for both of them). You'll get increased range, perhaps better damage and a real cool-looking attack IMO. Beware, the piston will retract swiftly because the hammer's speed is generally lower than the spinners. Be sure the hammer will hit swiftly.