The Dictator II

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The Dictator II
The Dictator II.jpg

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Builder: Blink
Weight class: Heavyweight
Weapon: 24 Iron Spikes on 150cm Shell
Weapon power: 1 E-Tek Motor
Drive: 4 Slimbody Motors
Armor: 1 MM Plastic
Awards: None
Tournament wins: Battle 2: Beats All Torque (WBP), Battle 3: Beats Sabre (1 KO and 1 TKO), Battle 4: Beats Terraturtle from the sewers (WBP), Battle 5: Beats Red Red Red (WBP)
Tournament Losses: Battle 1: Loses to Popeye (KO), Battle 6: Loses to TuniT 3 (KO)
Trivia: Blink is the highest ranked BBEANS Competitor who ONLY competed in BBEANS 2.

The Dictator II was a Heavyweight Shell Spinner built by Blink for BBEANS 2. Blink didn't compete in any other BBEANS tournaments. The Dictator II was very different from other shell spinners. The Dictator II had protection from the bottom of the bot made out of the Bars, and also had a self-righter on top. TDII used the self-righter a lot in its match against Terraturtle from the sewers.The Dictator II got off to a slow start when it was quickly thrown OOTA by Popeye in the first round. After bouncing around for quite awhile, The Dictator II finally was KOed. The Dictator II easily stripped All Torque of its saws in its next fight, and the rest of the fight was pretty boring as All Torque kept getting under The Dictator II with its wedge, but couldn't do anything else for the rest of the match. The Dictator II then tore up 1 Sabre and got the other counted out, before nearly KOing Terraturtle from the sewers. The Dictator II still won on points though. Red Red Red had damage to his control board but wasn't KOed in time. The Dictator II scored alot of points though, and won its match. The Dictator II was getting torn apart before getting punted over the fence by TuniT 3 and KOed. Blink is ranked 36th in BBEANS Standings.

What Clickbeetle listed as the Weapon and Weakness was:

Weapon Spiked Shell

Weakness Slow spinup, low KE