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The Tag Team Challenge tournament was held by Ianh05 and was the first 2v2 AI tournament. Entrances were in form of a team of 2 builders, each building a Stock MW bot.

There were 16 teams entered:

-Sage and Sorrow, with Billy Goat Gruffier (the SCv4 version) and Anduril, Flame of the West (HS/SnS hybrid)

-ACAMS and Starcore, with the well-known Death Warrant and Fury, heavily favored

-R0B0SH4RK and Ianh05 with Amoeba Returns (HS) and Dinners ready! (HS)

-InfiniteInertia and Kill343gs with Spyguy (Bot) (HS/SnS hybrid) and Rolo (Bot) (popup)

-Pyscolone and somestrangeguy with Imperial Faction (popup) and Black&Withe (HS)

-Barbie and eFFeMMe with Anyone for Croquet? (popup) and Idratherbethepaintedbanana (popup)

-Harcsa and Armadillo with Search&Destroy (unsurprisingly a rammer) and ZOMG (rammer)

-BotReactor and modder_ty with Cataphract (HS) and the SFTW of the tournament, wheely big cheese 3000 (Firestorm-style flipper)

-Gigafrost and Trovaner with DeToUr (popup) and TuRn BaCk (HS)

-Scrap Daddy and Jack Daniels with Frost Bitten II (popup) and Guybrush (HS)

-Phlox and Madiaba with Simply Volatile (HS) and Arrow Head (HS)

-Scorpio and Mr.Roboto with Venom of the Scorpion (rammer) and Beastly (HS)

-Duck and Pivanov with Doom!!! (popup) and Spin3x_Bot v0.3b (HS)

-Zero_Absolute and Meganerdbomb with Xepher (HS) and Hot Chick (FS)

-Anulbis and Dexterhunter with Flapperjack (popup) and RoadKill V2 (HS)

-dyrodium and tuxedo with fairy bomb (HS) and misfortune (HS)


Winners: Sage and Sorrow

Runners-up: R0B0SH4RK and Ianh05



1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round Semi Final Final
Flipperjack + Roadkill 2 VS fairy bomb + misfortune
... fairy bomb + misfortune VS Idratherbepaintedbanana + Anyone For Croquet?
Idratherbepaintedbanana + Anyone For Croquet? VS Spyguy + Rolo
... ... Doom!!! + Spin3x_Bot v0.3b VS Idratherbepaintedbanana + Anyone For Croquet?
Venom Of The Scorpion + Beastly VS Doom!!! + Spin3x_Bot v0.3b
... Doom!!! + Spin3x_Bot v0.3b VS Xepher + Hot Chick
ZOMG + Search&Destroy VS Xepher + Hot Chick
... ... ... Dinners Ready + Amoeba Returns VS Idratherbepaintedbanana + Anyone For Croquet?
Fury + Death Warrant VS DeToUr + TuRn BaCk
... Fury + Death Warrant VS Simply Volatile + Arrow Head
Frost Bitten II + Guybrush VS Simply Volatile + Arrow Head
... ... Simply Volatile + Arrow Head VS Dinners Ready + Amoeba Returns
Anduril, Flame Of The West + Billy Goats Gruffer VS Black&Withe + Imperial Faction
... Black&Withe + Imperial Faction VS Dinners Ready + Amoeba Returns
Dinners Ready + Amoeba Returns VS Catapract + Wheely Big Cheese

Videos: Videos on Youtube, on Ianh05's account