Steel Meatball

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Steel Meatball
Steel Meatball.jpg

Steel Meatball Pic 2.jpg

Builder: Scrap Daddy
Weight class: Heavyweight
Weapon: 24 Iron Spikes on flails on a spinning shell
Weapon power: 1 6-mag gearbox
Drive: 2 NPC-T64 Fast Motors
Armor: 1mm Aluminum
Awards: RAW 1 Champion
Tournament wins: Battle 1: Beats Lousy Launcher 3-0, Battle 2: Beats Psi 3-0, Battle 3: Beats Hum-Drums 3-0, Battle 4: Beats Good bye blue sky 3-0, Battle 5: Beats Mako 4 2-1, Battle 6-Final: Beats Good bye blue sky 3-0
Tournament Losses: None
Trivia: Steel Meatball is the younger but bigger brother of BBEANS 4 competitor Iron Spaghetti.

Steel Meatball was a Heavyweight Shell Spinner built by Scrap Daddy, and used for RAW 1. It dominated RAW more than nearly any bot has ever dominated a tournament. It was virtually uncontested in all fights, and whenever the fight wasn't going its way, it would just havok and get a re-fight. That is the reason why the fight against Mako 4 was the only fight to go 5 rounds. Mako 4 would keep knocking off hinges, and more and more havoks just kept happening. Steel Meatball and its older brother, Iron Spaghetti bot were flail shell spinners, a relatively new but very destructive design, that scrapes along bots causing extreme damage because the other bot isn't thrown away from the bot.