Sonny Resetti

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Sonny Resetti
Rank Veteran
Political Stance Normie, Replica Master
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With WhamettNuht, G.K., Thyrus, GoldenFox93, NateF and Scourge of teh Galaxy, among others
Grudges With None
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 15/100
Respect Rating Rating 4.gif 65/100

Sonny_Resetti is a member of the Gametechmods forums, who joined in July of 2006. Soon after joining, he grew bored of making competitive robots, and found his calling in replica building. Today, he has made over 100 Robot Wars replicas, with more being churned out every day.

His older replicas can be seen here, and his more recent ones can be seen here.

In November 2008, he began AI'ing his replicas and making battle videos of them. He regularly posts videos of his bots on Youtube under the name ResettisReplicas.

Since his replicas do not make for good fighting machines, he springs at the chance to enter any competition where more "artistic" bots are the norm. He has done fairly well in several such tournaments, most distinctively his championship in both series of S.T.C.'s RA2 Trials competition

He also won his first Bot of the Month competition in August 2013 with Worteldriekwadraat[1] (V3 for short) in the first replica-themed BOTM competition

Torunament Entries

  • King of Karnage - Excessive, lost in Round 2
  • Replica Wars - PulverizeR Lost in Round 2 via TKO. Winner of Best Replica.
  • N00b Warz 3 -Riptilion Lost in Round 1 via TKO. Winner of Most Original.
  • US vs UK - Snookums, Lost in Round 2 via KO.
  • RA2 Trials - The Plastic Peril 2, Grand Champion
  • RA2 Trials 2 - Recycled Plastic, Grand Champion again
  • BBEANS6 - Mutant Kabuto, 1-2
  • Replica Wars 2 - Dr. Inferno Jr, KO'd in Round 1, winner of Best Looking.

Other Notable Replicas