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Rank Forum Member
Political Stance Peacekeeper
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Neutrally with everyone
Grudges With No-one unless someone has a gruge against him.
Fear Rating Rating 2.gif 24/100
Respect Rating Rating 3.gif 50/100

Somestrangeguy (or SSG) is a member of the Gametechmods forums, and lives in Finland.

He is a pretty good builder who rarely anymore plays the game, mainly only to make bots for competions (or re-use old ones, see Minesweeper)

Also particularly fond of posting pictures in the Gametechmods Jokes thread.

Once won a BOTM with '2 FAST 4 U'

Developments to RA2

SSG made the first true bottom spinner.

The most recent discovery is the solution on how to fix AGOD, with the help from tankcat (the first one to discover it). See this thread.

Notable Tournament Entries