Shadow Tyrant

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Shadow Tyrant


Builder: Trovaner
Weight class: Heavyweight
Weapon: 14 Razors
Weapon power: 2 DDTs
Drive: 4 HP-Zteks
Armor: DSA
Awards: None
Tournament wins: Battle 1: Bye, Battle 2: Beats Vetearn Destroyer 3-0, Battle 3: Beats the black plague 3-0, Battle 4: Beats Death Dealer 2-1
Tournament Losses: Battle 5: Loses to Seism 13 3-0, Battle 6: Loses to SurgicalStrike 2-1
Trivia: Shadow Tyrant's rear end is similar to that of PitA 8's, which is sloped upward and outward to prevent getting stuck on its back.

Shadow Tyrant has 4 overlapping EMERGENCY wedges and the front armor actually consists of 6 overlapping ram plates.

Shadow Tyrant was a heavyweight popup built by Trovaner for BBEANS 5. ST is Trovaner's second attempt at BBEANS, with Dense2 for BBEANS 3. ST was notable for using EMERGENCY wedges, which are supposedly worse than the small wedge components, but gives the bot a wide coverage. It also traded battery power (it only runs on a single Supervolt) for a lot of frontal armor for defense against HSes, which it was able to prove its wins against the black plague and Death Dealer. But its use of EMERGENCY wedges ultimately backfired on Shadow Tyrant, as it lost to two wedgier popups, and was sent out of the tournament. Trovaner is ranked 37th in BBEANS standings.

What Clickbeetle listed as Strength and Weakness are:

Strength: Powerful, durable

Weakness Clumsy self-righting