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Bushido is a middleweight hammer bot. Actually a heavyweight but made into a Middleweight by the programmers of RA2, much like Mud Runner. It is certainly one of the deadlier Stock AI middleweights.

It has steel armor, 4WD RAD drive with miniwheels, and its weapon consists of a katana (samurai sword) on a DDT burst motor.

The wheels are unprotected, but small and not that easy to touch. The hammer itself is quite hard to damage.

Its only major flaw is that it is not invertible and can't self-right with its weapon, as Raptor can.


The DSL version of Bushido is a hammer/popup called Samurai.


Samurai has proved to be one of the toughest DSL 2.1 MWs. Has a decent wedge and fairly fast speed. The weapon can easily damage exposed undersides.