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Rank Roboteer
Political Stance Normie
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With JoeBlo , NFX , Somebody , MikeNCR , Scrap Daddy , R0B0SH4RK , HurricaneAndrew the members of Naryar's Not Quite Evil Council, and most other forum members
Grudges With none
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 15/100
Respect Rating Rating 3.gif 45/100
has a thing for weird vans

Builds real robots now.

Bot Building

Stock: Decent building, showcase can be found here.

DSL: Above Average, and makes very good IRL realistic bots. Can be found here.

Notable Robots

Jaws of Defeat - DSL LW Rammer entered in RA2TC2: LW Champion/LW Rumble Winner, RA2 Trials 2: 3rd place/Best Bot, also was entered in Tag Team Tussle and won Coolest Robot/Unluckiest Robot.

Jaws of Defeat 3 - DSL LW Cube-shaped Rammer

Mr. Bigglesworth - DSL HW Drum entered in RA2TC, where it was on the Champion Team and won the Best Bot Award for Naryar's Not Quite Evil Council

Death From Above/Omnivore/Spinoff -First DSL Saw/Clamp bots

Dumb Drum - Stock HW Drum placed 5th in BTTB3 and was a Rumble Participant, also entered in Preytor_4's "Wedge War" where it reached the semifinals

WIIIDE Load - Flipper Rebuild of Wide Load for SkAI, it was entered in RA2TC3. It won the Coolest Looking Robot award.

Anorexia - Flipper built from only Techno Destructo parts, placed 2nd in Not Quite Replica Wars (where it had a tendency to comically fall over), converted to a lightweight for Not Quite Replica Wars II where it reached round 2 (by a bye) before being beaten by Badnik96's Purrloin.

SkidMark - DSL IRL realistic drum, it won B4ttlebots and Blades of Fury^2 in the MW class

Drumbledore - DSL IRL realistic drum, it was the Runner up in B4ttlebots' LW class

Death - DSL IRL realistic Vertical Spinner. It ranked 3rd place B4ttlebots' SHW class

400 - DSL SHW VS, got 3rd place in Home and Away

False Popup - DSL MW true popup, 1st and 2nd in Two to Tango