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DSL MW tournament run by Craaig and started in November 2009. It's noted for being a tournament where entries closed on one day (31st October), then the splash and brackets were ready and uploaded the very next (1st November), and the videos also uploaded at a very quick rate, with the main tournament finished by 15th November. Craaig then took a break before picking up the Loser's Bracket in February 2010.

Pwnator won the main tournament with Paper Cut 3. The Loser's Bracket was won by Condor33.


090901 - Four Legged Johnny

123savethewhales - Second Sunrise

Badnik96 - Dance of the Freaky Circles

Clickbeetle - Megawhirl V

Condor33 - Totally Not Iron Spaghetti

Craaig - Calypso

Doomkiller - Razor Storm

Jack Daniels - Falchion

JoeBlo - Code Breaker

Jonzu95 - BioShock

Man Manu - Why yo teef so big?

Naryar - Blade Barrier

Pwnator - Paper Cut 3


Reier - Cadet

Somebody - Ripterra Returns

S.T.C - Box of Evil Noobishness

The Ounce - Paraponera

Thyrus - Dirt Devil 4

Triton - Desperation

Trumpetguy - Nero 1.5

Urjak - Vertical Impulse