Red Star (DSL V2.0)

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Red Star (DSL V2.0)
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Red Star (DSL V2.0) Pic 2.jpg

Builder: Freelancer
Weight class: Heavyweight
Weapon: 8 Spiked Clubs and 2 Razor Tips
Weapon power: 2 E-Tek Motors
Drive: 2 NPC-T64 Fast Motors
Armor: 10 MM Plastic
Awards: None
Tournament wins: Battle 1: Beats Apocalypse Pony (KO), Battle 2: Beats Double Damage MW (2 KOs)
Tournament Losses: Battle 3: Loses to Mako (KO), Battle 4: Loses to Atomic (KO)
Trivia: Freelancer also entered a Red Star face spinner, Red Star LW in BBEANS 3.

Red Star (DSL V2.0) was a Heavyweight FS built by Freelancer for BBEANS 2. Freelancer also competed in BBEANS 3 with Red Star LW. Red Star tore through Apocalypse Pony in the first round, busting through the wedges and spikes to beat the chassis for a KO. Red Star then KOed both parts of Double Damage MW, and was looking very deadly at this time. In its next fight against Mako, it charged and was thrown around a lot. Twice it was threshing away at the wheel of Mako, and did a little damage to the chassis, but not enough for a victory. Both wheels of Red Star were removed in one big hit, in which Red Star was juggled a bit by the spinners, taking damage in the process. Red Star was punted over the side wall for a KO a short time later. Red Star had no chance against Atomic, just flying right over the edge and getting KOed very quickly. Freelancer is ranked 59th in BBEANS Standings.

What Clickbeetle listed as the Weapon and Weakness was:

Weapon Dual Threshers

Weakness Vulnerable Sides