Razor Tips

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Razor Tip

Razortip preview.JPG

Type: Weapon
Component Pack: Stock



Razor tips are one of the best weapons in Stock and perhaps the most used, especially in lightweights. They weigh 7kg, and have 1.0 piercing and no concussion, the highest damage potential of all Stock equal with Pole spikes and Pointy tips

The main problem is that unlike all other stock weapons they have only 500HP, making them the most fragile weapon of all.

They are great when you must save weight.

Also the only really good weapon on a Popup and the weapon you need to make a good Hammer.

It could also be used for a Rammer, but a bot would need many of these razor tips (even if only a Lightweight) in order to still be effective.


The razor tips have a very high DP of 420 (aka 2.18 piercing and 0.4 concussion). Unfortunately, it's offset by having only a mere 1000 hitpoints.

Still an excellent popup weapon and very commonly used on Flails.

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