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RazorCutter Pic 1.png

RazorCutter Pic 2.png

Builder: botreactor
Weight class: Lightweight
Weapon: 6 Razor Tips
Weapon power: 2 High Power Z-Teks
Drive: 2WD Reversible Angle Motors
Armor: Aluminum
Awards: None
Tournament wins: Battle 1: Beats Rising Sun 3-0 (3 KOs), Battle 2: Beats New Catfish 3 3-0 (2 KOs, 1 TKO)
Tournament Losses: Battle 3: Loses to Tech Support 2-1 (1 WBP), Battle 5: Loses to FIXXXER 2-1 (1 TKO)
Trivia: A robot got around the back of RazorCutter at some point in every match it had.

RazorCutter was a Lightweight HS built by botreactor for BBEANS 3. RazorCutter faced Rising Sun in the first round, easy pickings for RazorCutter. RazorCutter easily chopped off the motor in the opening seconds of each match and went on to KO it each time. New Catfish 3 was another easy match for RazorCutter, which easily ripped up the back of New Catfish 3 because of its inability to drive straight. RazorCutter was knocked aside and outweaponed in its next match against Tech Support, and easily beaten, although it did manage to last a match for a WBP. RazorCutter and FIXXXER were two evenly matched opponents, and the match was close enough to justify that. FIXXXER showed its power in flipping and easily destroying RazorCutter in some situations, while RazorCutter fought back in others by easily cutting off FIXXXER's weapon. The match looked to be heading RazorCutter's way when suddenly, it could not escape immobilization. After the free restart, RazorCutter again took a demanding lead in the match, but couldn't escape the immobilization, and lost. Botreactor also competed in BBEANS 4 with Slasher, and is ranked 43rd in BBEANS Standings.

What Clickbeetle listed as Strengths and Weaknesses are:

Strengths: Powerful

Weakness Vulnerable sides and rear