Rabid Pit Bull

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Rabid Pit Bull
Builder: Rejected
Weight class: Heavyweight
Weapon: 16 Razors
Weapon power: 4 HP-Zteks
Drive: 4 HP-Zteks
Armor: DSA

Rabid Pit Bull was introduced to the Starcore AI packs as Pitbull, a dual chained FS with ramplate armour in it's top and bottom.

If RA2 was hell Rabid Pitbull would be Cerberus. Remade and renamed by Rejected in SCv3, it has incredible wedges which allow it to get under almost anything and chew up your undersides with its four face spinners. It uses a pretty original plow that stops bots from flying over it. It has two flaws, get around that un-godly mass, and its helpless to gut rippers and being flipped.

It is featured as a honorable mention in the RA2 Hall of Fame.