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Rank New World Veteran
Political Stance Wisdom Tooth, Innovationalist
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Most of the veterans
Grudges With Seemingly none
Fear Rating Rating 3.gif 42/100
Respect Rating Rating 4.gif 62/100
Memorable Quote
The R0B0 Smiley

A builder on both the gametechmods and RA2 forums. He is known mostly for his DSL pop-up Enfilad3, which placed 2nd in BBEANS 4 and his Stock popup R4 which also finished runner-up in the following BBEANS.

Naryar's all-time nemesis in tournaments (stemming from his defeat in the finals of BBEANS 4 at the hands of Hazardous Contraption, which won two consecutive matches after Enfilad3 had won in a previous round), he actually beat the French builder in InfiniteInertia's stock tournament, Brawl of the Builders.

After finishing runner-up in consecutive BBEANS Tournaments (4 and 5), he became the first back-to-back and two-time finalist in BBEANS history. He also became the first builder to qualify for both a Stock and DSL BBEANS final. He is currently ranked 2nd in the BBEANS standings.

Despite his username, he prefers to use proper grammar over leetspeek.

Building skills

Stock: Loves Popups as well as HS's, although he is a solid all-around builder.

DSL: One of the best DSL builders. DSL Popup specialist -see notable robots- from his own words, "I am the current DSL popup master :P" although he is also a HS builder.

In a recent survey, R0B0SH4RK was voted a top-10 builder in both stock and DSL (however, he lost his spot as the 2nd best DSL builder.)

Notable Robots