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A.K.A. Spear, Piston Rammer

Real Life Examples: Rammstein, Spawn of Scutter

Game Examples: The Boxer, Wide Load.

A bot with weapons on pneumatic pistons that punch out to inflict damage.

Efficient because they have the ability to repel the opponent easily and the fastest attack in the game, with good damage.

Have a high ADC.

Drawbacks include a bigger chassis and a separate power source.

A good poker is made with several piston, with weapon racks on them (i mean, several small weapons put on a piston with some extender work)

A poker can be built into a gut-ripper if made with a wedge.


  • Fast attacking speed
  • Good damage (usually)
  • Reach


  • Drains air very quickly, leading to the poker being very weakened after a while
  • Air tanks take some chassis spac
  • Unefficient power-wise compared to spinners