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Pinball Pic 2.jpg

Builder: Sage
Weight class: Heavyweight
Weapon: 2 DSL Hammer 4s
Weapon power: Drive
Drive: 4 E-Tek Drive Motors
Armor: 3mm Plastic
Awards: None
Tournament wins: Battle 1: Beats Facemelikeaman 3-0, Battle 2: Beats Classy paintjob! 3-0
Tournament Losses: Battle 3: Loses to Mutant Dragonfly 3 2-1, Battle 4: Loses to Lu-Tze (RAW) 2-1
Trivia: After RAW ended, many Pinball clones popped up in showcases everywhere.

Pinball was a Heavyweight SnS built by Sage, and used for RAW 1. Pinball got an easy victory against FMLAM, and another relatively easy win over Classy paintjob, before hitting a roadblock of good bots. Pinball almost defeated future semi-finalist, MDIII, but lost, and then was quickly eliminated from the Loser's Bracket by the quick Lu-Tze. Sage has since rebuilt Pinball, and the bot is now invertible and spins faster.