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Rank Forum Princess
Political Stance Forum Master
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Also all y'all.
Grudges With All y'all.
Fear Rating Rating 5.gif 100/100
Respect Rating Rating 5.gif 100/100
Has had more total airtime on Robot Wars than Garfie.

She's IRL

Memorable Quote
"Holy pepperoni, Batman!"

Cute girl from Scotland, very attractive, open minded, and intelligent, not forgetting her keen sense of humour. Enjoys curling up with a good book and going for long walks on the beach. Call now, only £1.50 per minute!

Bot building

She a'ight.

Tournaments entered

So many. Won a bunch, lost a whole lot more.

Philippa's Tournaments

Widely regarded as the best tournament host in GTM history.

Challenges Entered

Forever the silver medallist in the Challenge Belt.


Unofficially holds the rank of Forum Princess.