Patriot 2

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Patriot 2
Builder: Naryar
Weight class: Heavyweight
Weapon: 4 70kg hammers
Weapon power: 2 VDMA pistons and 1 Storm piston (chained)
Drive: 2 NPC Fasts
Armor: 5 MM Titanium
Trivia: Patriot 2 is the only chained poker of NAR AI.

Patriot 2 is the last bot of the Good Ol' Boys team in NAR AI, replacing the Thermidor 2 replica in DSL 2.1.

It uses a pretty much unique chained burst piston system to give it long reach and increased power. However, later in fights when the air supply is low, the weapon doesn't have much reach and due to the smartzone's placement, often doesn't touches the opponent.

Plows act as protection, especially for the wheels.

Strengths: Powerful, long reach

Weaknesses: Vulnerable to gut-ripping, quickly depletes air supply