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Rank Middleweight
Political Stance Normie
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Anyone with decency in general.
Grudges With None
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 1/100
Respect Rating Rating 1.gif 10/100
Memorable Quote

Paranoia is a forum-user whom joined the forums March 2011. Originally he was somebody whom was rather incompetent, attempted to integrate humour in his posts which subsequently failed and was generally a n00b. He originally created bots in DSL, due to his lack of glitch knowledge in Stock. He eventually disappeared May 2011 three months after he joined for unknown reasons. However, he eventually returned two years later on June 2013 and begun building purely in Stock.

Has recently returned to DSL, building IRL bots. Has released the Alpha of his DSL 3 AI pack, Paranoia AI.

Building Skill

  • DSL - Has recently returned to DSL after a hiatus, building skill is slightly above average.
  • Stock - His skill in Stock is debatable, however he is able to use snapper-loading techniques to make his bots, including a 36HS.

Notable Tournament Bots

Post-2011 Period

  • The Stray - A lightweight rammer which was entered in Tusslers 3.