Mutant Dragonfly III

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Mutant Dragonfly III
Mutant Dragonfly III.jpg

Mutant Dragonfly III Pic 2.jpg

Builder: Reier
Weight class: Heavyweight
Weapon: 2 DSL Hammer 4s
Weapon power: 2 Medium VDMA Burst Pistons
Drive: 4 NPC-T64 Fast Motors
Armor: 3mm Titanium
Awards: Rumble Participant
Tournament wins: Battle 1: Bye, Battle 2: Beats Far Cry (RAW) 2-1, Battle 3: Beats Pinball 2-1, Battle 5: Beats obZen 2-1
Tournament Losses: Battle 4: Loses to Mako 4 3-0, Battle 6: Loses to good bye blue sky 2-1
Trivia: Mutant Dragonfly III is next version of Reier's first showcased bot, Mutant Dragonfly II, which shocked many by its space management, and overall well design, which was surprising for a new user to have.

Mutant Dragonfly III was a Heavyweight Poker/Rammer Hybrid built by Reier, and used for RAW 1. Mutant Dragonfly III was the big surprise of RAW, making it all the way to the semifinals, and competing in the rumble. By the way that MDIII was built, it probably shouldn't have been able to beat Far Cry or obZen, but it did. Reier has built many more versions of Mutant Dragonfly III, with one version that competed in Wild Robots Live.