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A multibot is basically two or three bots fighting as one competitor at the same time, but the total weight limit of the multibot must be the same that the bot weight class.

Real life examples are Gemini (Robot Wars) and The Swarm (Battlebots)

Multibot Designs

There are a few designs you do not want to include in a multibot:

  • Sit & Spinner: Your opponent will only go for one of your multibots, so the other wont be doing much at all.
  • Flipper: Generally, one of your multibots will not have the strength to flip the opponent, and the odds of both multibots flipping at the same time are not that great, so it is best not to use this design.

In general, the best multibot design are desing that have a high damage potential, such as spinners.


In BBEANS 2, heavyweight tournament, there were some multibots, actually two middleweights fighting as one heavyweight. These multibot fights weren't deathmatches, but team matches (2 vs 1).

-Double Damage MW (two twin horizontal bar spinners)

-Kevlar/Superstar (one shell spinner and one horizontal disc spinner)

-Sabre (two shell spinners)

As in real life, if you want to fight an AI with a multibot, it's better to call a friend. Or if you can play as two bots simultaneously, it's fine, but you'd better be good.

Sadly (and certainly because less-than-LW bots aren't really suited to fight middleweights even at 2 VS 1), there were no multibots in BBEANS 4.

Also, in RAW, there were a pair of MW drums built by Condor33 entered in the tournament, fighting under the same format as in BBEANS 2. They were called the Hum-Drums, but did not do very well due to weak wheels and the AI being unable to cope with their erratic driving. They were later remade into the Super Humdrums, fixing these problems, but as of this writing have not competed again.

Multibot Variant

By BFE, it is possible to split a chassis in two, and having true multibots, but the second chassis does not recognize normal wheel drive and as such must have a crawler-like design. Clickbeetle created a middleweight multibot titled, "Ant Army" which shows a perfect example of using bot file editing to make a multibot.