Mr. Punch

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Mr. Punch
Builder: GoldenFox93
Weight class: Lightweight
Weapon: 5 Razor Tips on Steel Extender
Weapon power: Storm Burst Piston
Drive: TWM3R
Armor: 1 MM Aluminum
Awards: None
Tournament wins: Wildcard Battle 3: Beats Shilka 2-1 (1 KO and 1 Havok Forfeit)
Tournament Losses: Wildcard Battle 1: Loses to Mass Oppression 3-0, Wildcard Battle 2: Loses to S Cargo 2-1 (1 KO)
Trivia: Mr. Punch was named after a character from the British puppet show Punch and Judy. In GF's own words, he considers it to be "quite rubbish in almost every aspect, but with a cool name, at least".

Mr. Punch is a lightweight Poker built by GoldenFox93 for BBEANS 6. GoldenFox93 is currently ranked 91st in BBEANS Standings, tied with d-lark.

What Clickbeetle listed as Strengths and Weaknesses are:

Strengths: Unknown

Weakness: Unknown