Mini SnS 2

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Mini SnS 2
Mini SnS 2 bleh.png
Builder: Stagfish
Weight class: Lightweight
Weapon: 2 Overkill Blades
Weapon power: Drive
Drive: 2 NPC Fasts
Armor: 3mm Plastic
Awards: N/A
Tournament Wins: N/A
Tournament Losses: N/A
Trivia: One of the largest tournament LW's ever.

Mini SnS 2, was a LW SnS created by Stagfish, and entered in both Wheely Tag (Where it was teamed with Zog's Drumbeat) and The Amazing Rage. Criticised by many for having bad weapons and an inneficient chassis, it looked to have lived up to those low expectations in Wheely Tag after scooting out of the arena in the first match and getting KO'ed in the second. However, in TAR, it suprised many people, beating both Naryar and Somebody's bots in the wildcard to qualify for the tournament. Then, it beat Squirrel_Monkey's A.M.C.V. in the first round, before being punted to the losers bracket by Jonzu95's bot and being beaten there by Scrap Daddy.