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Rank Roboteer
Political Stance Innovationalist, Tourney Timer
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Most of the forums
Grudges With None
Fear Rating Rating 3.gif 45/100
Respect Rating Rating 4.gif 65/100

MikeNCR is a member of gametechmods who joined in October of 2004. MikeNCR is currently ranked 2nd in the BBEANS Cumulative Rankings and 1st of Clash Cubes Cumulative Rankings

One of the oldest active DSL builders, and more than probably one of the best. Voted 4th top DSL builder in a recent poll.

He has now retired from GTM because of real life commitments, as well as doing real combat robotics, building bots like Ruiner and Bombshell IRL.

DSL Showcase: [1]

Notable Bots



  • "Ruiner": A LW overhead spinner bot. It was included in DSL's replica bots.
  • "Bombshell": A HW bot that is famous for an underdog run in BB2016, where it beat opponents due to its swiss army nature, allowing Bombshell to equip various weapons that is suited to beating a certain opponent. Beating Cobalt, Red Devil, Poison Arrow, and Minotaur after being defeated in the qualifier by Complete Control and receiving the wildcards, it reached the grand final, where it was beaten by Tombstone in less that a minute.

Bombshell was later entered into BB2018, where it became a wedged VS due to lack of time to build modular configs, and to counter Tombstone after its defeat two years ago. It floundered in the Fight Night, losing all four of its fights, only to controversially reach the post-season bracket due to the six bot rumble, where Bombshell was declared winner despite being immobilized for 1 and half minute. It soon proceed to beat Tombstone, before losing quickly in its rematch with Lock-Jaw. It was then rebuilt for BB2019, resembling its first version but issues meant it could only be equipped with a verticle spinner. However, it lost all of its Fight Night battles again and failed to reach the Top 16.