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Rank Advanced User
Political Stance Off-topic dweller, Troll
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With 090901, Enigma, HurricaneAndrew
Grudges With Reier
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 10/100
Respect Rating Rating 2.gif 40/100

Meganerdbomb was a moderately skilled builder on the original RA2 forums. He built Death Dealer for BBEANS 5, No Leaf Clover for BBEANS 4, FIXXXER for BBEANS 3, Shebeast for BBEANS 2, and Wolverine for BBEANS 1. He has also been known as Terdbomb, Turdbomb and Megaterdbomb. He returned in early 2011 and does not build often anymore, but he still enters tournaments every so often. He is best known for his unique FS, such as Hot Chick and of course Shebeast.

These days he mostly wastes his time trolling around in the Discord and lurking tourney and showcase threads.