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Manipulators are the exact opposite of Last Objectives in terms of their methods. They instead, have a kind of "seize the day" style in their Forum Power and bring out what the forum members as a whole, think of whoever is targeted. This can include the entire range of methods from renaming forum threads, moving the same threads to less "glorious" subforums (such as Playground), to changing avatar information and giving users custom titles. One such victim of Manipulators power is man manu, who has had numerous second avatars describing how he acts on the forum. Manipulators are kind of like n00b whackers except that they don't usually post as much. Manipulators have a Fear Rating which is usually a little higher than Last Objectives but may or may not be liked as much by n00bs; depending on who the Manipulator is.

Examples of Manipulators:

goose, ACAMS, Radio F Software, Naryar