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Rank Super Heavyweight
Political Stance Normie, Peacekeeper, n00b whacker, lesser-Innovationalist
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Naryar, Reier, Martymidget
Rivals With  ?
Grudges With Yugitom when he posts buttrock in Rate One Post One
Fear Rating Rating 2.gif 25/100
Respect Rating Rating 2.gif 35/100

A normie who joined in early 2010. Since then he has improved at DSL and Stock and gets on with most of the members. Often quite inactive, but a skilled DSL builder, and often posts on the Music ATM thread.

Inventor of the TRFBD, a bot type that has a team dedicated to it in 123STW AI. Had one of the best first tournament runs ever, becoming the runner up of BTTB4 for his first tournament. His success has varied since but he has won the HW Division of RA2 Olympics: London and placed 3rd and 4th on other occasions.

Bot Building

Stock-Bad at stacking so bad at Stock.

DSL - Occasionally active in DSL standard. Mostly builds Jugglers, Popups and Whammers. Never builds IRL anymore. Voted GTM's favorite DSL builder in the 2015 GTM Awards

Specializes in Jugglers especially. Known to build primarily HW bots.

Notable Bots

Flail Swing- The original and flawed TRFBD. Has been made obselete by newer designs by 123STW.

Shovel Headed Blockbuster - Madman's first bot for a tournament that actually got underway, Shovel Headed Blockbuster was his entry for BTTB4, a HW Popup with 4 BSGs with 16 razors and a heavy plough for amour. It ended up as runner up, defeating Martymidget, ty4er, G.K. and double eliminating Sage, but got beaten in Winners Finals and Grand Finals by Powerrave

Future Breed Machine - DSL HW Angled Juggler. Performed well in RIW3, winning its opening set without conceding a loss against MikeNCR, Hercules and Plazmic inferno, before defeating Thyrus and ty4er. Its run ended up being stopped by Squirrel_Monkey's Aeon, and was then subsequently beaten by NFX's Hairline Fracture, achieving 4th overall.

New Machine Of Liechtenstein - HW IRL VS entered into RA2 Olympics: London. Defeating MikeNCR in the first round, it then narrowly won against Mr. AwesumSauce's bot Chocolate, progressing to fight NFX in the final, where it won 3 times against NFX's drum, The Highlander II to win the tournament.

Road To Ruin - MW SnSnS entered into Two To Tango with Urjak as a teammate. Provided probably the most hilarious matches in the tournament, but was successful throughout, eliminating Squirrel_Monkey's Team West before losing to SKBT and NFX. It then defeated Team Rocket (COOLRUNNER87 and Mr. AwesumSauce), Team None So Vile (Madman's other team with Enigma), Team Evil Flying Squirrel Monkeys (Naryar and Squirrel_Monkey, and Team Not Recognised By Anyone (The Ounce and MassimoV). They then once again lost to SKBT's solo team, placing 3rd. Along with Urjak's SnS, it caused several havoks and caused much ire for lagging the game a lot.

Whisper Supermacy - MW SnS entered into Two To Tango with Enigma in Team None So Vile. Whilst probably a better bot than Road to Ruin, with much stronger weaponry, it proved less successful in the tournament. Defeated Team Girl Squad (LiNcK and R1885) and Team Postal Service (Conraaa and Jack Daniels) before losing to I'm With Who (ty4er and Kurt Wylde). It then defeated Team Girl Squad again before being defeated by Team Moral Ambiguity, Madman's other team with Urjak.

Incarnated Solvent Abuse - Cruiserweight TRFBD entered into Crusin' For A Bruisin'. Defeated R1885, before narrowly beating Urjak. Preceded to defeat Martymidget and 090901, before getting demolished by ty4er's sns, but not without one round win over it (somehow); however, post tourney, due to the fact that no Loser's Bracket final was carried out, 090901 beat Ty in the Loser's Bracket to get to the grand final, where Madman won, technically leaving him the winner.

Gracefallen - HW Juggler used in a challenge against Naryar, Massimov, and Martymidget. Managed to more or less render Marty powerless, before KO'ing Naryar. Managed to survive against Massimov despite extreme damage at the end to win by points.

Faithless - MW Stock Popup built for Box Of Nightmares. Lost in the first round against Vertigo 0-2, then beat Skiitzzox220 2-1 and upset Geice 2-0. Lost against Squirrel_Monkey's 1WD HS 1-2 to place 7th.