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Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With JoeBlo, Naryar
Grudges With AGOD
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 7/100
Respect Rating Rating 1.gif 13/100

A builder from The Netherlands Antilles that joined in May 2009, and one of the few that build only in DSL.

Particularly likes 13375P33K and :P uses XD a ^^ lot :D of o_0 smilies in his posts. Also one of the more peaceful members, seldomly getting into flame wars if not at all.

At the start, LiNcK had some n00bish building habits (like using cheat parts and mixing stock and DSL) and was slightly flamed for it , but he gradually improved.

Also seems to worship Naryar, even at one point saying he only lived to make him happy.

Bot building

  • DSL: Skilled builder that particularly likes wedges and might become a Popup Specialist Builder with more building, but seems to have problems to make them good due to AGOD which unfortunately occurs fairly often on his game.

Notable Tournament Entries