King of Karnage

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Otherwise known as KOK for short, was the first ever known Robot Arena 2 AI Jousting Tournament put together by JoeBlo with the assistance of Madiaba. The Tournament idea came to surface as the re-discovery of one of Lu-Tze's arena's, which was a Joust arena.


  • Stock HW, a robot may not weigh anymore then 799.7kg (0.3kg are needed for 2 smart zones and a target)
  • No Bot File Editing, etc (ALL building must be done in the bot lab)
  • AI Parts are perfectly legal (Blue Snapper, Emergency Wedge, Etc)
  • Cheatbot2 parts are NOT legal for use (this includes the flamethrower, magnet, cannon, etc)
  • Any in game glitches may be exploited as long as they don’t violate the above rules
  • No part of a robot may exceed and/or stretch over the wall of the jousting arena
  • All weaponry must be brought into play via burst motors (basically the same concept as the above rule)


before the event JoeBlo made a Target Component as a means of determining a winner, the target had 1 HP, 0 Fracture and was place on the center axis of all robots top plate.

  • Each match consisted of 3 “Jousts” and the winner will be determined on a points based system
  • 3 points if you break your opponents Target off
  • 1 point each if no targets are knocked off
  • 0 points if your target is knocked off (unless you break your opponents off before yours was broken)
  • The player with the most points wins, in the event of a draw after the 3 “Jousts” the total in game points from each match will be added up and the highest total wins.

Main Bracket

Round 1

Round 2


Grand Final